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Macquarie Wagyu

The 'Macquarie Downs Wagyu' feedlot was an award winner so marketing was required. Design work indicated the challenge was to show the target decision maker what made Macquarie Wagyu the award winner it is. Text and images couldn't really carry the story effectively. Internet connectivity may be limited for some of the targeted decision makers.

We developed a website strategy in conjunction with the webmaster that would deliver video... and if internet speeds were limited, text would carry the information with still images. The other challenge was to complete the production in a short lead time for stakeholders located all around the world.

The client has said: Thank you very much for your hard work and professionalism this time again. I really appreciate your video's and website woodcrafting for our new website. See

Felco Manufacturing

Felco market to all local councils and also road building and civil contractors. Its a narrow market and they need to be educated about the new technology around composite fiber. Time poor but cost benefit ratio driven the communication needed to be persuasive in the shortest amount of time.
We developed a 4.5 minute presentation that sells the benefits of composite fibre and educates the market about the way the units will add value to their businesses.

Product Promo for Felco Manufacturing.

Felco have been one of our longest standing clients and their main product is road watering tankers for civil contractors and local councils. Its a product that last and because its lighter delivers more payload each trip. The challenge is to educate the decision makers as much as promote the product.
This clip is just one of a suite of clips for each different product type. It will sit on their website which we continually update and optimise around current trends and movements.
The client is very happy and we value their business as we leverage their products.

White Industries - Machine Shop Promotions.

Airglide Towbars - Product Explainer Video.

Crowd Funding Promotional Video

The client had a clear vision to give back motivated by a sense of anger at the losses being inflicted on young people through poor life choices. Having created a very powerful musical, the likes of which you rarely see, and with a message that must inspire you if you are living, we were to provide a tool to attract crowd funding. The heart was to be front and centre and video was the only tool that would work.

Naturally there was almost no budget so every shortcut had the be taken and every clever technique used in order to get a production that wouldn't cheapen the message. The client had a well organised schedule and that definitely allowed us to achieve the end result you see here.

The end result has powered the crowdfunding campaign you can see here:

Pets RIP - Business Promtional Video

How to promote a service that's on the sensative end... to pet lovers as they face their darkest moments?

That was the brief. To show how caring and fitting a PetsRIP funeral can be.

We develop two versions. One aimed at the pet owner and another aimed at the vet. The pet owner video is shared from the website and through various other delivery methods.
The client has since engaged us to develop brochures, cards and flyers to compliment their face to face marketing initiatives.

Video eCard Introduction

The client was educating the marketplace and needed to introduce himself into the real estate space of Toowoomba. How better to achieve that than a video eCard.

Skelta Sports Car runs down a Porsche!

When an entrepreneurial Aussie family decides to build an open top sports tourer its going to be a challenge... but the car exceeded all expectations and performed stunningly.

How to edit a library of video footage from disparate sources into one seamless looking production.
We succeeded in bringing it all together into a clip that has seen plenty of exposure and was a talking point in many 'sheds'.
The results are unclear on this one as sales didn't achieve milestones and the project was eventually paused. Watch this space.

Ezyfind Property Explainer Video

Ezyfind Property had a vision to develop a web portal for all real estate businesses that would exceed that of the other major players in the website real estate space... A very challenging brief.

Wallaby Productions develop an explainer video that was aimed at the Real Estate agent. It conssisted of a presonable presenter talking directly to the principal agent and targetting their 'pain points'.
The result is a video clip that made the explaining of the Ezyfind solution so easy... and could be delivered anywhere, anytime!

Product Describer for SystemiseIT

This was one of our most difficult clients. Demanding, super critical, and to make it worse... no budget!

How to keep them happy?
We did it. The client was ourselves and our new video rich training and businesses systems solution.
Well you be the judge. How did we go?